Services Provided

Individual Counseling: The Individual is the focus.  Although family or significant others may be included at times, the main focus of individual counseling is the primary individual seeking this service

Family Counseling: The Family is the focus.  Although individual sessions may be requested, the family is the focus.  Because of this, information shared during individual sessions requested will be a part of family sessions.

Marriage Counseling: The Couple is the focus.  Much like Family Counseling, Couples can request individual sessions.  Any information shared during individual sessions will not be kept from the significant other not present.

Group Counseling: Consists of 6 – 8 individuals.  Groups will have a focused topic and have a pre-determined number of sessions.  Group will have a set of boundaries that are created during the first group session and are agreed upon by all participants.

Life Consulting: Setting personal and professional goals can be difficult.  Life Consulting focuses on goals that individuals seek to set for them both personally and professionally.