Do you find yourself struggling with social connections? Searching for inner peace?

I believe in providing therapeutic services that start with creating a foundation utilizing Strength Based Therapy (SBT). With the use of SBT, we will be provided the key elements needed to establish a positive therapeutic experience.

Using SBT as the foundation of treatment, we will establish a therapeutic relationship that is based on a mutual respect and interest for the betterment of your quality of life.

As an experienced therapist, I have worked with individuals in outpatient settings, residential settings and school settings. These experiences provide the knowledge and understanding that is imperative to partnering with people from a variety of backgrounds and ensuring positive outcomes.

Through the utilization of virtual sessions, I am able to create a welcoming environment that permits the consideration and utilization of methods that aid with complete exploration of ones self.

I have experience working with substance use, behavioral issues, family conflict, PTSD grief and marital conflict, along with other general mental health issues listed on our services provided page.

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